Discover the Delightful Delicacies: Indulge in the Best Cookies in Melbourne!

Got a sweet tooth you just can’t keep satiated? You’re not the only one. With the amount of people we serve our range of cookies almost every day, we aren’t surprised. On a spree to give our patrons a taste of bliss, all our cookies made from scratch by us are loaded, generously portioned, and a treat to gorge on. We bake our cookies, cakes, and slabs every day to give our patrons our freshest batch of cookie delights in Melbourne.

Our range of cookies include the Bueno surprise, red velvet, cookies and cream, Biscoff lotus cookies, Macadamia white chocolate, Caramilk white chocolate, chocolate chip with sea salt, Oreo Mars, Nutella Rocher, salted caramel, M & M cookies, lemon tart, vic jam donut, Reese’s peanut butter, Snickers and peanut butter, and triple choc among others. What’s even more of a treat is that our range of flavours also extends to cookie cakes and slabs. So, if you'd rather not stop after a few bites of our cookie, an entire slab is sure to keep you happy.

For those looking to share the best cookies in Melbourne with their loved ones, we also have cookie gift boxes that you can have delivered to their doorsteps! Our boxful of surprise comes with our delightful cookies, chocolates, and more. Apart from the usual cookies, cakes and slabs, we also have a range of cookie cakes that would be a hit at a birthday party. Filling and wholesome, our range of the best cookies, cakes, and slabs can be ordered in boxes of 4 up to boxes of 20.

While we have our cookies and cakes delivered to your homes, you can also find our range of cookies in various cafes in and around Melbourne CBD. Our delectable range of cookies has driven numerous Melbourne cafes to take the opportunity and upgrade their menu , adding our wide range to it. With our cookies, cakes, and slabs being available wholesale, a number of restaurants have extended their offerings with our range. If you’re one and are looking to know more about our wholesale range, we’re open to enquiries.

For those of you who would rather experience the ambience of an outdoor space to tuck into our cookie range, our cafe in Northcote is open. You can visit the store to check out the entire range and help yourselves to cookies and beverages of your choice from our menu.

Whether you wish to order in or head out, you have options galore to try our cookies and cakes with abandon. Time to choose yours and tuck in!