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Amp up Your Celebrations with Our Birthday Cake Cookie Selections

What’s a birthday without the chance to indulge in some delicious cake. But while cake is a necessary component on a birthday, no matter your age, it’s nothing special if you end up doing the same thing every year. What’s bound to make your birthday a little out of the box is to switch up a birthday cake with a birthday cake cookie instead! For those that find it hard to choose between a cookie and a cake slice, a cookie cake is just the thing you need. It certainly is the best of both worlds!

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At The Cookie Dough Co, we craft the most delectable birthday cookie cake so that your special day is made even more exceptional. With a range of cookie flavours to choose from in our inventory, you can find your favourite, toothsome cookie cakes that serve up to 8 people! And a loaded cookie cake is certainly a delightful change from the usual cakes that are more cream than substance.

Whether you’re a fan of Caramilk and white chocolate or someone who just cannot get enough of Lotus Biscoff, we bake you the perfect birthday cookie slab with all your favourite ingredients from our inventory. We bake all our cookies and cookie cakes for your birthdays from scratch, pouring all our passion and love in the process. Our range of cookie cakes are also freshly baked each day for the perfect crumble and bite.

All of the cookie cakes we bake are made using our signature dough base, loaded with flavoursome centres that you just can’t resist. The laden, rich cookie cakes are also perfect if you’re looking for something more filling. And while a single bite is filling enough with its richness of flavours and ingredients, we bet you won’t stop until you’ve devoured a big chunk or two by yourself.

If you’d rather forego a cake altogether, our loaded cookies are an equally great alternative to serve your guests at a dinner party. For those that love a quiet birthday dinner with family, our usual cookie boxes or our assorted box of six cookies are enough to make dessert a hit.

If you’re planning a birthday party anytime soon and need a unique take, be sure to get in touch with us. Whether it’s a cookie for a birthday or your birthday cookie cake delivery, our range of delights are sure to keep you hooked. Order in our boxes of cookies for your special day or your beloved cookie cake flavour to make it a birthday to remember!