Satisfy Your Cravings with Irresistible Assortments with Our Cookie Box Delivery

A boxful of love is never amiss when it comes to making loved ones happy. Our cookie boxes filled with loaded cookies of every flavour are just that!

At The Cookie Dough Co, our freshly-baked batches of delectable cookies are enough to make our patrons have their cookie boxes delivered for a loaded dose of happiness. We're all about flavourful bites with an eclectic range of options to meet your cravings and have you enthralled with every mouthful.

With a minimum order of 4 toothsome cookies in every box, you wouldn’t have to stop at one. And it’s certainly perfect if you intend to share some with friends and family too. To make your cookie box delivery in Sydney and Melbourne more delightful, we also have a range of assorted cookie boxes serving 6 different flavours of cookies to surprise you. So, when you know you cannot stop at 4, there are still 2 more to go!

The best part about our cookie boxes is that we deliver more than just our deliciously loaded cookies. Our cookie cakes and slabs are the perfect addition to a feast when you're hosting a large gathering at home. Weighing about a kilogram, these are enough to serve more than 6 at your dinner table. And if you'd rather have multiple slices to yourself after serving all the other guests, our yummy cookie slabs are still your best bet.

If that weren't enough, our cookies also serve as great gift options when you wish to cheer up a loved one or just remind them that you’re thinking of them. You can choose 4 different flavours from our delectable range of cookies or opt for assorted cookie boxes to be delivered to their doorstep. No matter what you choose, you're sure to delight your loved ones with both the gesture and the flavoursome cookies. Our cookie boxes for delivery in Sydney and Melbourne also extend to our selections of cookie cakes and slabs so your loved ones can truly indulge with abandon.

Apart from our cookie box delivery to your homes, we also send out bulk orders to various cafes and eateries in Sydney and Melbourne looking to widen their offerings with our cookie flavours. You can get in touch with us to share your requirements for cookies wholesale or just order in your box of goodness for a taste. We’re sure to captivate with every bite.