Founded in 2019, The Cookie Dough Co started with a simple passion for creating delicious loaded cookies in our home kitchen that reminded us of loaded cookies we’d tasted in New York. We loved our cookies and shared them with friends, who shared them with friends, who told other friends and suddenly we were getting requests for cookies from perfect strangers!

Who would have guessed that within a few short months we had perfected our signature dough and created a selection of cookies with unbelievably desirable flavours that you can’t buy anywhere else in Australia.

By popular demand, we quickly turned our loaded cookies into a full-time gig and added cakes and slabs to our menu. We now deliver Australia-wide and are expanding rapidly with new flavours and popups!

Our cookie dough is seriously good - our recipe does not include any artificial colours and flavours and we use only 100% fresh Australian butter and eggs to ensure an authentic, delicious cookie every time.

Try our cookies and see what all the fuss is about!