Indulge Your Senses at Melbourne's Premier Cookie Restaurant

The crumble of a cookie can be music to your ears on a gloomy day. And if your day is going all too well, the only thing you need to make it better is a loaded cookie in your favourite flavour.

At the Cookie Dough Co, we bake our entire range of delectable cookies on a daily basis so our patrons can bite into freshly baked goodness no matter the time of day. Every ingredient used in baking our products is quality paramount. Our passion for baking shines through in our selection of cookies, cakes, edible cookie dough, and slabs that you can order in or gorge on at select cafes and restaurants in Melbourne.

We, at The Cookie Dough Co, provide our range of cookies wholesale to a number of Melbourne restaurants and cafes that wish to have scrumptious desserts on their menu. So, whether you wish to indulge in our loaded cookies from the comfort of your homes or at a fun establishment, you have got choices galore.

Our cookies, both wholesale and in packs of 4 up to packs of 20 are available in an abundance of flavours like cookies and cream, Macadamia white chocolate, red velvet, Nutella Rocher, Smores, Cookie Monster, Oreo Mars, chocolate chip with salt, Biscoff Nutella, lemon tart, Reese's peanut butter, M&M cookies, Snickers & peanut butter, vic jam donuts, and more.

To enjoy our cookie range at a cafe or cookie restaurant in Melbourne, you can give our Northcote store a visit! Our complete range toothsome cookies, edible dough, cakes and slabs are available for your indulgence.

You can also get in touch if you're looking to add our cookies to the menu at your Melbourne restaurant. Gorge on our selections or send in your queries for whole quotes by speaking to our team.