Cookie Boxes from The Cookie Dough Co that Delight to the Core

Ever said no to a heavenly, crumbly cookie? We bet you haven’t! Baking fresh batches of mouth-watering cookies everyday has yet to make us immune. And while you may have indulged in cookie munching sprees in the past, you haven’t really had a good, loaded cookie until you try The Cookie Dough Co!

Our cookie boxes in Melbourne, Australia, have become the highlights of every dessert party in the vicinity, with our range extending to cookie cakes, edible dough, and slabs. But remember, you don’t always need a special occasion to give in to your cookie cravings. Our cookie boxes, filled with decadent delights, are assorted for every person in Australia with a sweet tooth and a penchant for the best.

Our loaded cookies, cakes, edible dough, and slabs come in varieties abounding, with something in it for everyone. Whether you're a fan of chocolate chips and marshmallows or peanut butter and M&Ms, our decadent selections are enough to liven up your special celebrations. Some of our selections include red velvet, triple choc, vic jam donut, Lotus Biscoff, Oreo, Snickers and peanut butter, salted caramel, Reese's peanut butter, Nutella, cookies and cream, Bueno surprise, Caramilk white chocolate, Rocher, red velvet, Mars, Macadamia, lemon tart, chocolate chip and sea salt.

Apart from the variety of flavours we offer, what makes our cookies worth the while is the quality of the ingredients used and the passion with which we bake every item. We bring in only the freshest ingredients and produce to bake fresh and quality batches of cookies, slabs, and cakes. Our love for cookies and people is what drives us to bring joy into the lives of people with our baked goodies.

We also bake vegan products to give everyone a chance at munching on our loaded, crumbly cookies. And what's even better is that every baked box of cookies at The Cookie Dough Co is a worthy gift for your loved ones. Our ‘cookie in a box’ comes in assortments of 4 up to boxes of 20. Whether it's a large group of people or a chosen few who love to really indulge in multiple cookies all at once, our cookies, slabs, edible dough, and cake boxes meet all your needs.

For your convenience, you can have our cookie box in Melbourne, Australia, delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks! No matter what your choice, you can select your favourite options on our website by filtering the search for items more to your liking. We also provide all of our products wholesale for those hosting large events or running their own establishments.

Our cookie boxes are a hit in numerous cafes and restaurants in Melbourne and other places across Australia that we supply our wholesale goodies to. You can head over to these eateries to get a taste of our fresh cookies, cakes, slabs, and edible dough or order in directly from us. If you’re among the eateries around Melbourne looking to add our products to your offerings, we’d love to catch up!

And for those who love an in-store experience, you can simply head over to our Northcote store to pick up your cookie box in Melbourne in person! Along with your choice of cookies, you can also pick out a beverage if you feel like it, and bask in the aesthetics of the store. Our entire range of cookies, cookie dough, cakes, and slabs are available for you at the store so you can get a glimpse of all that we have to offer.

Whether you’re looking to visit our store or aiming for the convenience of a doorstep delivery, our cookie boxes in Melbourne and across Australia are sure to satisfy your cravings and still have you wanting for more!