Cookies Delivered in Canberra: Sweetest Treats Delivered to Your Door

Ever had an undeniable craving for scrumptious, sweet goodies to chomp into? We get you! After all, when the yearning strikes, the only way to douse it is to see it through. The Cookie Dough Co, with its love for all things cookies and a passion to share this love, have a fresh batch of loaded cookies baked daily to meet your cravings.

These NY-style cookies are crafted using our delectable cookie dough with centres that leave you wide-eyed with wonder. Whether you’re a white chocolate lover or share a fondness for peanut butter, we have it all. We get your cookies delivered in Canberra right to your doorstep so you don’t have to step out. And if you’re vegan, we have our delicious Vegan Lotus and Vegan Peanut Butter Oreo cookies for you to gorge on.

All of our cookies come in boxes of 4 so you don’t have to stop at one. And if you’re looking to gift this scrumptiousness to a fellow cookie lover, our assorted boxes of cookies are the perfect choice.

You can also get our cookies delivered in Canberra wholesale if you’re looking to add our delectable cookies to your menu. Just get in touch for a quote!